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Excel 2003
Excel2003 Utilities
A myriad of utilities for use with Excel 2003 and later (32-bit only & NTFS, not 64-bit compatible). They are all listed on one web page so you will need to scroll down to find one that might suit your needs. The source code is not hidden.
vb6 Utilities
These are executable utilities but not setup programs. All utilities require minimum 16-bit color. Utilities require VB6 runtime files.

Roman/Numeric Converter
This utility converts Roman Numerals to English Numbers and visa-versa. Numbers range from 0 to 3999.
Written 4th October 2004

CsmColorMaster size: 95kb
A colour converter with a difference. HTML, Decimal, RGB Conversions with a Colour Swatches for mouse-move option. Also Web Page review.
FgBgColorMixer size: 5kb
Adjust the colors for text and background formatting. Colour numbers are RGB.
rgbSearch size: 10kb
This program has been designed to show the components of Colors. It shows the three components of RED, GREEN and BLUE in RGB, HEX (HTML), and DECIMAL. Adjust the scrollers to fine tune the color you want. You can also insert your own color numbers to determine the actual color of that number. There is a bonus box that can be used for mock numbers. Type in any 8 digit number to see what color it makes. The results are shown in RGB, HEX (Html) and the Decimal components of Red, Green, and Blue. The Decimal factor has been calculated by a very complex formula. My formula is 100% accurate.
The DateDiff Calculator calculates the difference between two dates. Selection 1 or Selection 2 can be any date. If Selection 1 is later than Selection 2 then the result will be a negative number. size: 10kb
A simple calendar showing the format of the days in relation to the weekday names.
A calendar with a difference. The vertical scroll arrows moves seven (7) days at a time. The horizontal scroll arrows moves one day at a time. It is basically designed to work around the current date although it will scroll betweeen 100 AD and 9999 AD.
Changes days, weeks, months by selection options.
Convert Digital Time numbers to a string format. Example: 2.30 will convert to Half Past 2.
Choose a DVD or a VCR movie format, an options for "New Release" and "Member". Members get 10 per cent discount. The summary shows what movie format the customer has ordered and the amount due. It also accummulates a Running Total of Amount, Customer Count, and how many Members for the day.

Visual Basic Codes
Vb6 CodesNothing submitted yet.